Saturday, December 15, 2012

McHaney Made.

Like any good Arkansan I was taught multiple things from a young age.  How to call the Hogs.  Where to place all the silverware at a dinner party.  How to say yes sir and no sir.  But most importantly, how to save a dollar!  (please read this next sentence in my best Honey Boo Boo voice imitation) Before honey boo boo child's mom coined the name "coupon queen,"  I had my very own "coupon queen."  Her name was Betty Woodson McHaney and she was my grandmother. 

Y'all, this woman was incredible.  She would scour the newspaper each day to find the best possible deals around town and if needed she would drive to multiple stores to save $1.  Some may have called her "cheap"  but I call her a "thrifty southern woman who knew how to stretch a dollar." Not only was she coupon queen, she also had a knack for taking old raggedy looking furniture and re purposing it to a beautiful classic piece.  Trust me, this woman had incredible taste and knew how to do things on a budget.   (Not to mention every piece of furniture I own is inherited from her, so her style must have rubbed off on me.  Let's pretend this is a "humble brag" on my part.  K? K.)

Moral of the story is she played a huge role in my life.  Today marks the 12th anniversary of her death and all these years later she is still making me into the woman that I am.  Betty McHaney left a legacy of creativity, thriftiness and love.  I couldn't be more proud of my family heritage and therefore it is my deepest honor to say I'm "McHaney Made". 


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